Garo Jr. Tchakmakian was born and raised in Glendale, CA. Growing up in a home with his father as a real estate agent it only felt natural for him to make follow in his father’s footsteps as a Real Estate agent. Garo obtained his Real Estate license in 2004 and later decided that he wanted to not only represent clients with buying or selling homes, but also help them through their whole real estate transaction from purchase to finance. Becoming part of the Key Financial Services team was a very simple and comfortable choice for him, walking into the office you feel a sense of comfort and true genuine care from everyone in the work environment, which is exactly how Garo wants his clients to feel. Garo is very well aware of how complicated and stressful the financing process can be, and he believes that it is his duty to make the process as seamless as possible. When meeting with any of his clients he always goes through every step of the mortgage process showing all the details of everything that is done to ensure that there is no confusion. He is very open minded and treats every client with care while having their best interest in mind.

Garo specializes in all different types of loans from refinancing a current mortgage to getting a new purchase loan. He will make sure that he gets you the loan that fits your needs with the best rates, all in a very timely fashion. He loves spending all the time he has with his beautiful daughters and wife. He also loves the outdoors and always tries to find new adventures to go on with his family. You can call Garo at any time to get answers to those mortgage questions that you have, he is always happy to make your financial dream come true.